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29 January 2015


Family and friends gathered at the Mule Yard on Friday evening to pay tribute to the life of Mycle Williams, better known as Mycle ‘Dook,’ who passed away on Ascension Island in December 2014.

“I Thought I was Going to Die”: St Helena’s first ever heart surgery was performed last Friday on a patient who had been admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties. Dr Carlos Soto, Consultant Surgeon at the Jamestown General Hospital, told The Sentinel this was, “life-saving surgery,” which went very successfully.
22 January 2015

Winners All: The Governor’s Cup Yacht Race that the island had been transfixed on so closely for that last couple of weeks has been decided. Many of the crews accepted prizes last night when Governor Capes attended the ceremony at the St Helena yacht club honouring the participants.
15 January 2015

SMASHED RACE RECORD: Early on the morning of Tuesday 6 January the first of the yachts in the 2014 Governor’s Cup Yacht Race arrived at St Helena. Banjo, a 31ft trimaran, cruised over the finish line in the dead of night with just a few members of the press and race officials there to witness their record breaking time.
08 January 2015

Major Incident Exercise: On Wednesday morning 17 December a Major Incident Exercise took place at the top of Ladder Hill.
18 December 2014

The Sentinel: Latest issue of the Sentinel is now available to view and download for free
29 January 2015

Features & Webcasts
Patches arrival at St Helena in Governor's Cup Yacht Race 2012 World AIDS Day on St Helena 2012

Local entry, Patches, arrived at St Helena on 6 January in the Governor's Cup Race. The arrival, finish line and stepping ashore is all in this video, plus an interview with Sandy Francis about her experience.
6 January 2013 .

World AIDS Day 2012 was marked with this special report in the Sentinel, published 29 November, by Sherrilee Phillips. It takes a look at HIV education on St Helena and finds out what happens when you go for a status test.
Feature by Sherrilee Phillips

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