Hiker's Paradise

The Post Box walks booklet, sold at the museum, tourism office, Arts & Crafts shop and National Trust, gives hikers a general warning:

“Walking on St. Helena is different and challenging and can be hazardous. Many of the walks are on steep narrow coastal tracks with loose surfaces. Our experience is that confident and regular walkers from elsewhere in the world have found that they are not as able to cope with the local terrain and conditions as they expected.”

The booklet details the Post Box routes, their terrain and difficulty and experiences along the way.

The island’s first 20 Post Box walks (there are now 22) were created by the St. Helena Nature Conservation Group in 2002.

The 22 Post Box walks show off some of the island’s most stunning landscapes.

Each post box - situated at the end of each walk - contains a unique stamp and visitors’ book (unfortunately, the pages of the Post Box walks booklets are slick and ink doesn’t stay on the pages - so make sure to take another notebook with you to stamp!).

We’re putting together a timelapse of each of the walks and will continue to update this space; we’ll even put timelapses of some of the fishermen trails and Blue Dot walks (the harder stuff)!

South-West Point

July 08, 2017 Completed: July 05, 2017
At 7.5km, South-West Point takes an hour and a quarter each way. The walk, found beyond Thompson’s Wood, provides dramatic views of rolling pastureland, and the occasional sheep keep walkers company on the trek. The walk has a 3/10 terrain rating and a 4/10 effort rating.

Cox's Battery

May 19, 2017 Completed: April 13, 2017
Cox’s Battery has an effort rating of 3/10 and a terrain rating of 2/10, but has some steep drop-offs. The walk takes 45 minutes there and an hour back, and has an elevation change of 430 down to 280m. The walk is rocky, with views of the Paint Box, the police firing range and stunning geological features around Turk’s Cap at the end of the walk.

Blue Point

May 08, 2017 Completed: Feb. 28, 2017
Blue Point is a typically-windy walk with stunning views of eroded rock. Located in the southwest of the island, in the area known as the Gates of Chaos, Blue Point is 3km (and takes about 40 minutes) each direction. The elevation along the walk changes only 100m, and the walk has an effort and terrain rating of 3/10. As you come to the end of the ridge and find the Post Box, Speery Island can be seen below.

Heart-shaped Waterfall

April 25, 2017 Completed: Feb. 22, 2017
Heart-shaped Waterfall is visible from James’ valley, and has a 3/10 rating for both effort and terrain. The elevation change is only 100 meters (200 to 300), and the walk takes 45 minutes each direction. Heart-shaped Waterfall was likely one of the first landmarks discovered when the Portugese landed in 1502. In the 1970s, a dam was constructed above the waterfall, so water does not flow constantly down the landmark.

Peak Dale

April 12, 2017 Completed: April 01, 2017
Peak Dale is one of the island’s easiest walks, with a 2/10 terrain and a 3/10 effort rating. The 7km walk, beginning near Blue Hill, is spotted with fern, eucalyptus and gumwood. The walk provides stunning views of Sandy Bay on clear days, and a Jurassic-Park feel when it's cloudy. If you walk the whole loop, expect to spend 45 minutes walking out and an hour walking back.