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David Jenkins

26 February 2015

Hospital Slams “Third World” Comparison

At the Sandy Bay constituency meeting, Monday 16 February , one member of the public compared the experience of visiting the General Hospital in Jamestown as that of going to a hospital in a third world country.  Director of Health and Social Services, David Jenkins, has vigorously defended the hospital and its staff by saying, “I find these [remarks] frankly quite offensive. To consider the healthcare on St Helena reflects a third world country, I can put that down to ignorance on behalf of the speaker.”



Finishing with a Splash: On Saturday 14 February Marine Awareness Week concluded with a splash at the James Bay Steps. This year the theme for Marine Awareness Week had been “Love the Ocean” as it tied in with Valentine’s Day. A large crowd gathered to enjoy the festival finale.
19 February 2015

Graduating!:On Friday the Lecture Room at AVES hosted a ceremony for the friends, family and new colleagues of two recently-graduated student nurses, and a third who had graduated a year before but postponed the ceremony. Robyn Bennett, Peggy Thomas and Jayne Adams-Duncan were all handed certificates which prove that they have “successfully completed the three year St Helena Diploma in Nursing with Merit.
12 February 2015

An Emperor is Born: After the departure of St Helena’s Napoleon impersonator, Andy Crowe, the island has got another. In the run-up to the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death Merrill Joshua of the Tourism Office has had a full suit made to his specifications. The costume is an exact replica of what Napoleon wore and will be used to promote the event and the island.
05 February 2015

TRIBUTE TO A LEGEND: Family and friends gathered at the Mule Yard on Friday evening to pay tribute to the life of Mycle Williams, better known as Mycle ‘Dook,’ who passed away on Ascension Island in December 2014.
29 January 2015

The Sentinel: Latest issue of the Sentinel is now available to view and download for free
26 February 2015

Features & Webcasts
Patches arrival at St Helena in Governor's Cup Yacht Race 2012 World AIDS Day on St Helena 2012

Local entry, Patches, arrived at St Helena on 6 January in the Governor's Cup Race. The arrival, finish line and stepping ashore is all in this video, plus an interview with Sandy Francis about her experience.
6 January 2013 .

World AIDS Day 2012 was marked with this special report in the Sentinel, published 29 November, by Sherrilee Phillips. It takes a look at HIV education on St Helena and finds out what happens when you go for a status test.
Feature by Sherrilee Phillips

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