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Mobiles on St Helena

27 August 2015

Saints Going Mobile

It is not long now before St Helena joins the rest of the world in having its own mobile network, something which many have been looking forward to. Sure South Atlantic Ltd has guaranteed the community that the new mobile service will be in operation in September. For those have been eagerly waiting, Sure has just released their tariffs explaining the packages available from September.  There are two deals which customers can choose from, the first is a ‘pay as you go’ scheme where customers can top up their mobile usage


New To Science Discovered within the waters of St Helena were a number of new species as a result of the previous Darwin Project (Darwin Marine Biodiversity and Mapping Project) led by Dr Judith Brown. Since the project, the Marine Conservation Team have sent various specimens overseas for species identification and have become certain that 14 species are new to the island.

Spectacular Send Off Work to remove oil from the RFA Darkdale wreck in James’ Bay is now largely completed. Since work began, a total of 1700 cubic metres of oil has been removed.Mr Liddell said, “During the last week, we have completed the majority of the work on the RFA Darkdale, leaving only one tank left to complete. Mr Liddell told The Sentinel that, “The fire monitors on the Pacific Dolphin needs regular testing as part of the planned maintenance of the ship. The Captain thought that doing the maintenance to coincide with my team leaving on the RMS would be a nice little send off for them.”

13 August 2015

Sophie Crowie Opens underwear Business Within the last month a new start-up business has begun bringing clothing items to the island. Sophie Crowie has been working on her business plan for eight months now, and her business Deviouss is starting to sell items already.

06 August 2015

This Way ForwardInterest in the St Helena airport is at an all time high, as evidenced by the many hundreds of cars, all filled with families, which flooded Prosperous Bay Plain last night. The airport road saw more traffic than ever when the official switching-on of the airport lights took place between 6pm and 8pm.

30 July 2015

The Sentinel: Latest issue of the Sentinel is now available to view and download for free
27 August 2015

Features & Webcasts
Patches arrival at St Helena in Governor's Cup Yacht Race 2012 World AIDS Day on St Helena 2012

Local entry, Patches, arrived at St Helena on 6 January in the Governor's Cup Race. The arrival, finish line and stepping ashore is all in this video, plus an interview with Sandy Francis about her experience.
6 January 2013 .

World AIDS Day 2012 was marked with this special report in the Sentinel, published 29 November, by Sherrilee Phillips. It takes a look at HIV education on St Helena and finds out what happens when you go for a status test.
Feature by Sherrilee Phillips

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