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Merril Joshua and Brian Leo outside the market

18 August 2016

Market Square Developments

Lime Brite builders started on an ESH project to lay a concrete pavement in front of the Market on Wednesday 10 August. It would be 2.7m wide extending the whole length, tiled like on Main Street and edged with concrete kerb stones. The plan boasts wheelchair access at both ends and front entrance to the building.

Nice Cuppa Coffee: Starbucks St Helena Reserve Coffee has landed at the Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle at $160 (£120) per pound. The Starbucks website reports" it’s by far the most expensive Starbucks whole bean coffee ever."

4 August 2016

Judging the District Clean-up has Started: The first of three rounds of judging the St Helena Island clean-up competition started on Saturday 30 July. Some districts starting early in the time period proudly presented before and after pictures, others recently involved were able to show intentions – albeit there is some catching up to do.

4 August 2016

Expanding: The tills were busy on Friday morning at the Sandwich Bar. This may seem normal, but there was nothing normal about it. The till was new, the bench it stood on was new, the whole room was new, but the food was – as always – fresh.

28 July 2016

“It was Great to go with the Ladies”: Even though the waters were cold ten brave ladies took the plunge and joined in with the international celebration of PADI Women’s Dive day.

21 July 2016

The Sentinel: Latest issue of the Sentinel is now available to view and download for free
18 August 2016

Features & Webcasts
Patches arrival at St Helena in Governor's Cup Yacht Race 2012 World AIDS Day on St Helena 2012

Local entry, Patches, arrived at St Helena on 6 January in the Governor's Cup Race. The arrival, finish line and stepping ashore is all in this video, plus an interview with Sandy Francis about her experience.
6 January 2013 .

World AIDS Day 2012 was marked with this special report in the Sentinel, published 29 November, by Sherrilee Phillips. It takes a look at HIV education on St Helena and finds out what happens when you go for a status test.
Feature by Sherrilee Phillips

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