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IPNLF’s Adam Baske

Interview by Andrew Turner
Adam Baske of the International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) talks to SAMS live over Facebook messenger about the organisation’s growing involvement with St Helena - from Nov. 3, 2017.


July 2017 Councillor Candidate Interviews

Interviews by Andrew Turner
Listen back to the July 2017 campaign interviews for each of the 17 candidates for the island’s 12 council seats.

September 2018 Councillor Interviews

Interviews by Andrew Turner & Donna Crowie

On Sept. 4 Executive Council (ExCo) approved a raise in councillors' salaries. Elected Members would now receive an annual salary of £14,000, up from £10,000 per annum – and Exco members would receive an annual salary of £18,000, up from £14,500 per annum – this, if the full Legislative Council in October also approves this raise. Councillors would also still receive allowances for internet, mileage, telephone costs etc.

SAMS Radio 1 is checking in with each of the island's 12 councillors to find out more about the work councillors have been doing during this first year of the term, about the issues and legislation each councillor is currently working on, about what our councillors' plans are for the next three years, and more – all of this, in the context of the proposed salary raise.


Airlink Q&A

Interview by Jeremy Johns and Donna Crowie



Public Meeting with Connect St Helena Ltd and Elected Members about Proposed Water & Sewage Increases

Recorded Audio from the Public Meeting - Duration 2hrs 40mins

Listen back to the July 4, 2018 public meeting with Connect St Helena, Ltd. and 10 of the island's 12 Elected Members. The meeting – including a presentation from Connect CEO Barry Hubbard and a Q&A session – was called by the public, in the hopes of getting further answers regarding the two 20% water/sewage tariff increases from monopoly utilities company Connect. The meeting followed a fortnight of unrest, including a petition and the island's first demonstration march in seven years, brought about by the announced increases and a "lack of efficiency review and lack of transparency."



SHG Press Briefing on the termination of Basil Read, Ltd.'s contract for the St Helena Airport Project

Recorded Audio from the Press Conference - Duration 26mins 40secs

Listen back to the October 03 2018 Press Conference where the St Helena Government (SHG) notes with regret that ongoing negotiations between SHG and Basil Read's business rescue practitioners with regard to Basil Read's continuing role with St Helena Airport have not been successful. SHG has terminated the contract under which Basil Read has been operating St Helena Airport.

The termination became effective as of Tuesday, 2 October 2018.





Interview by Andrew Turner

Listen back to the October 25 2018 SAMS Radio 1 Interview, a day after business representatives and entrepreneurs where invited to a presentation of the draft Investment Strategy.

The draft Investment Strategy proposes a series of changes to the tax system, particularly to encourage growth in activities which produce goods and services for export overseas and import substitution.