Give Something, Get Something

  1. £10+

    We send you a handwritten, stamped postcard from St Helena Island, thanking you for your contribution

  2. £20+

    We give you a personalised social media shoutout - you can request a location/activity (within reason)

  3. £50+

    We send you a surprise present from St Helena Island, complete with St Helena stamp, for your birthday. The present will be wrapped in recycled paper (old editions of the Sentinel) to remain as eco-friendly as possible. The gift could contain things like hand-picked, home-roasted St Helena coffee, handmade local jewellry/other items, compilations of the year’s most outstanding photos etc. (The higher the donation, the more gift you get!)

  4. £100+

    We host a fun, interactive training seminar thanks to your donation, and put together a short video of the training for you so you can see and share your impact.
    • Many young Saints don’t realise the variety of careers they can explore, or don’t see a way they can achieve their career dreams. About 2 of 40 students in each year group are able to get island scholarships to go off to university; as the island’s economy is weak, almost no others can go off to university without those scholarships. Additionally, the availability of training on the island is limited, though the St Helena Community College and local businesses do offer various courses and on-the-job trainings.
    • SAMS can get the local youth involved with aspects of the media (including photography, design, videography, radio, computer skills, social media skills, interviewing techniques and print writing techniques) that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. This broadens the skillsets of the young people on the island, and gives them an for training in areas they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. And moving forward, this is the only way St Helena can start to see powerful, homegrown journalists help hold the community together.

  5. £200+

    All the rewards
Local Primary School kids read on the steps of the SAMS office, when SAMS assisted the Library with World Book Day in February 2018.

Training is done outside the office as much as possible, to get kids interested in the environment and show how varied journalism can be day-to-day.

Pilling Primary kids visit SAMS for a bit of radio training.