Brian Clough joins S.A.M.S Radio one.

This month on March 19th, Brian Clough will have been broadcasting country music on air on radio stations just about everywhere, and now Brian will soon be presenting on the South Atlantic Island of St Helena.

Brian has been entertaining listeners up and down the UK for 44 years.
As a singer/songwriter he has sung with Lyle Lovett on stage after Lyle found out he had recorded one of his songs, he has recorded a song he wrote with Billie Jo Spears and recently had one of his songs recorded by Californian outfit The Smith Sisters and the Sunday Drivers that topped one of their music charts.
Brian was also given the honour of International Broadcaster of the Year by the Country Music Association of America in 2007 for his contribution to worldwide country music.

S.A.M.S is looking forward to Brian’s weekly show “The American Connection” which will premiere on SAMS Radio one on Tuesday the 12th of March at 15.30 GMT, you can tune in online via the website or the Stations Alexa app or the SAMS Andriod App.

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