SAMS is easier now with Internet.

Unlimited internet has opened a few doors for us here at South Atlantic Media Services, we have re-vamped our website just in time for the change so head over to, which is now much more user-friendly – Although we are still in development we are also welcoming feedback of further improvements so please share your ideas and we will do our best to turn them into reality if it’s possible.

Listening to SAMS online has also become easier,

We will also be including news stories that we have been following.

We now have the functionality to be more active online we are starting with social media (mostly Facebook at the moment)

Soon you will be seeing our news headlines for the day and upcoming daily radio show schedules.

Sentinel buyers can also subscribe for their weekly copy, which will be emailed to them every Thursday morning in colour for a bargain cost of £3 per month just contact us for full details.

We also have a conference room available for hire, our conference room can be utilised for meetings and team gatherings – this can now be hired which includes internet connectivity.

As this is all new and we getting used to not worrying about internet usage we will be doing more online so just watch this space.

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