The Sentinel

Available Every Thursday.

 If you are a subscriber you will receive your issue in full colour of the Sentinel every Thursday

Advertising with the SAMS and the Sentinel

Through SAMS Radio 1 and The Sentinel newspaper, SAMS can offer an unrivalled integrated marketing campaign that is ideal and can be customised  for your needs

Advertising Rates.

Deadline – 4 pm GMT every Tuesday for that week’s paper

  • Classified – Size 90 x 62 mm – £5
  • 1/4 page – Size 90 x 125 mm £12.50
  • 1/2 page – Size 185 x 125 mm £25.00
  • Full page – Size 185 x 255 mm £50.00
  • 1/4 page – £5.00
  • 1/2 page – £12.50
  • Full page – 25.00

Sentinel Subscribers

We offer a subscription service to our weekly sentinel readers, subscribers will benefit from subscribing to each weekly issue. We would like to thank our subscribers for supporting the Sentinel as the cost to produce the paper every week is increasing and your subscription is vital to us.  

We are in the process of changing how the subscription process works.

Subscription benefits

  • You will receive your copy every week it’s issued.
  • You will receive a coloured copy.
  •  You will receive your copy before non-subscribers.

Non Subscribers

Non-subscribers will be able to download the Sentinel the following week after it has been released.

We recommend that you subscribe to the Sentinel, this way you will be supporting the production of the publication.   

We are reviewing the way we offer the subscription.