Who are we ?

South Atlantic Media Services, Ltd. (SAMS) Is St Helena’s most accurate news media service.

We are in the media centre in the public/castle gardens in Jamestown St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.

We produce the weekly Sentinel Newspaper. 

You can listen to our SAMS radio station locally on St Helena and live online.

SAMS operates as closely as possible within the guidance of the 2023 Media Standards Code of Practice – You can download the code of practice here.

What makes us different ?

Our service and responsibility to media covers St Helena and the community worldwide. We believe that stories are best told by the people who live them and that is what we do here through the daily services of SAMS.
Our station audio has reached many homes and front rooms all over the world we are on air 24 hours a day.

Our weekly Newspaper The Sentinel is downloaded every week by over 2000 viewers and subscribers from around the world.