“Alexa, play SAMS Radio One”

SAMS joins Amazon’s Cloud Services on Alexa

SAMS are pleased to announce that, by popular demand, this week SAMS Radio One has joined hundreds of other global radio stations on Alexa-enabled devices within the Amazon Cloud space in all English regions.

This means that anyone with an Alexa-capable device, such as an Amazon smart speaker, Fire TV, Fire tablet, or any Amazon mobile service, can simply say “Alexa, play S.A.M.S Radio One” to hear your favourite radio station. 

Enabling SAMS Radio One on the Amazon Alexa service gives homes around the world the opportunity to listen in via Amazon web services on the go, or at leisure in their homes, at any time.

Shortly after we released the mobile App and a change to some of our radio scheduling, came the intense demand from our listeners to have this functionality so they could listen to SAMS much quicker and easier, with listeners now even able to set their wake-up calls to SAMS Radio One.

How do I listen to SAMS on my Alexa device?

A new user or listener to South Atlantic Media Services, or what we know as SAMS, can now simply ask your Alexa-enabled device to “Play S.A.M.S Radio One”.

Before this is possible, you will need to install the SAMS Radio One skill. To do this, open the Alexa app on your mobile or desktop PC and from the skills tab, search the Alexa repository for the S.A.M.S radio one skill and then select enable skill, or go directly https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0CRB3MRYC?ref&ref=cm_sw_em_r_as_dp_Zuw5HzHEX5yCK and enable the skill into your account.

Once either of these methods are complete, you can simply say “Alexa, play S.A.M.S Radio one”.

We are also in the process of taking this one step further in the future by enabling Alexa to talk directly to the presenter on air via the Alexa app!

We hope you enjoy listening to SAMS Radio One via Amazon smart devices. Feel free to give feedback via our Facebook page or email onair@sams.sh.

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